Current heating oil market: oil prices remain on the downward trend – heating oil prices start with significant discounts!

Heating Oil News – Heating Oil Price Analysis The oil prices on the international commodity futures markets moved sideways yesterday with relatively large fluctuations, but are tending to weaken again this morning, so that the medium-term downward trend can continue, at least for the time being. As a result, the heating oil prices in Europ … Read more

Extended ban on binary options retail clients to 2031

After losses of close to half a million dollars, ASIC extended its product intervention order prohibiting the sale and issue of binary options to retail customers. The corporate regulator confirmed that the ban will remain in effect until October 2031. It was first implemented on Monday, 3 May 2013. This follows a conclusion by the … Read more

How does forex trading work?

For as long as there have been different currencies, people have tried to use the value of fluctuations to their own advantage. In earlier times, however, this was usually associated with a lot of effort. It was digitization that made it possible for anyone to trade in different currencies under the buzzword “Forex Trading” within … Read more