New investigations into organized crime

The police in the country launched 24 new investigations into organized crime. This is reported by the State Criminal Police Office and refers to the evaluation of so-called enchrochat data.

Drug offenses in particular are the focus of the proceedings. Twelve suspects have now been arrested. In addition, around three kilograms of cocaine, around six kilograms of marijuana, various cutting, stabbing and firearms, including a Kalashnikov assault rifle, as well as numerous cell phones and data carriers have been seized.

“Exclusive, authentic and deep insights into the communication of the perpetrator groups”
Interior Minister Torsten Renz: “The law enforcement authorities have struck a big and important blow against the organized drug trafficking in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The decrypted Encrochat data give our investigators exclusive, authentic and deep insights into the communication of the perpetrator groups and reveal how networked the organized Crime is active in the digital world. We have succeeded in lightening up internal structures and tracing distribution channels. In the future, our investigators will keep the fight against drug crime in the focus of police investigative work. “

Special chat program popular with criminal investigators
There had been searches based on the clues from the chats in Rostock, Schwerin and Northwest Mecklenburg. Five men are now in custody in the east of the country as well. The data came to the LKA in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania via the Federal Criminal Police Office. Last year, Dutch and French investigators cracked the EncroChat code. These are cell phones with a special chat program that were particularly popular with criminals because they were considered bug-proof.